i Dont wanna go home vid

Off to party in the field this weekend. Gonna be fun….

*****LAST TRACK*****

Here’s my video about bidding off my last track of my SONGS 4 U project

27 years since Operation Solstice

Why ive done this now

Message from techno hippy

"i was 13 i saw it on th telly, i was horrified, my mum remembers
taht event politicised me
this is partly why i’ve been every yrea pretty much since they repopened the stones for solstice
i have to”

hammo has won track 9 for 40quid. Written the rough version of the song, hope he likes it. :)

Havent heard what the fella wants for track 8 someone kick him up the arse and tell me what he wants… ;)

3 tracks left and its the end of the album… wanna a song on it… get bidding. ;)

This weeks Track bidding. Last week was won by Toska Wilde…. for £50

This is my response to Troop’s vid!

Danny Locksmith won the last bid at a new record of £57, and a song all about the silly names of UK villages